Who Can Escape Forest Cave Game

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Who Can Escape Forest Cave Game

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Who Can Escape Forest Cave Game


Who Can Escape Forest Cave Game is a new point and click game created by5 N Games. You are completing your research on the different caves. You went inside the different caves and took pictures. The last stop is the cave inside the Forrest. They say that the cave inside the Forest is very dangerous since it emits poisonous gas that can poison and kill the person inside if you stay so long in the cave. This is a strange case so you risk going inside. You plan for quick pictures and get samples of the soil of the cave. When you’re inside you never thought that the opening is very small. It takes you so long to get inside and you’re starting to feel dizzy because of the poisonous gas. You must get out now even if you don’t have any pictures. Collect clues on how to get out fast and escape the poisonous gas. Enjoy!

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