Western Bluebird Escape

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Western Bluebird Escape

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Western Bluebird Escape


Play Western Bluebird Escape new outdoor escape game by 8B Games. You are in a bird shop. You decided to buy a bird as a gift for your friend in her birthday. When you are in the shop, you see different kinds of birds in different sizes and colors. You are amaze of their diversity. Then, there’s a bird that catches your attention, a Western Bluebird. Its physical appearance is unique from the other bird. You are mesmerized by its beauty that you doesn’t notice that you touch it. You are shock that the bird suddenly light up and you are transported to another place. A place where there are a lot of Western Blue Bird surrounding around you. You suddenly feel nervous when you see that these birds are not ordinary. It feels like you are being hostage by these birds. They are planning to transform you into their species. Even if you love birds, you don’t want to be like them. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from the Western Bluebird. Hurry!

Uploaded on: 03 Jun , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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