Wasteland Escape

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Wasteland Escape

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Wasteland Escape


Wasteland Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games that will test your logic.

You are a garbage collector. Every morning you collect all the garbage in your place by a big truck. Even if collecting garbage is hard for you because it need physical strength, and tolerance to bad smell. As you are collecting, you have observe that there are a lot of garbage you collect this time than the other normal day. The garbage are overloading on your truck. You immediately go to the Wasteland area even if you are just half in collecting garbage in your place. As you are in the Wasteland, you immediately deposit the garbage that you have collected. Then, you are shock to see a shadow of a giant person. You are shock that it is not a person but a human form garbage. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from wasteland. This is a game from Big Escape Games that you will truly enjoy.Good luck!

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