Tribal Hut Escape

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  • Tribal Hut Escape


    Tribal Hut Escape (Genie Fun Games) is a brand new room escape game by Genie Fun Games. You are once a millionaire but just a single snap all your wealth disappear. You are walking on the street with nothing. You don't know where to go. You are very hopeless. Then, the sky matches your mood when it suddenly rain. You are all wet while walking on the street. As you are walking, you see a Hut. You immediately go toward the hut hoping that there is someone inside the hut that could give you food and clothes. But, as you are inside the house, you are shock to see tribes. You try to communicate with them but they don't understand your language. They misinterpret your intention in entering the house and decided to tie you down. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from Tribal Hut. This is a game from Genie Fun Games that you will surely enjoy.Good luck!

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