Traditional Hut Escape

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Traditional Hut Escape

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Traditional Hut Escape


Play Traditional Hut Escape, a brand new point n’ click outdoor escape game from Avm Games and try to escape as fast as you can.
You are raised in a liberal and modern society. Your parents are both liberal. But, after the mistake and mess that you made in the party that you’ve been, your parents become strict and punish you by sending you off to your grandparents. You know that your grandparents are completely opposite with your parents. They live a conventional life. They are strict and traditional. As you are finally in the house of your grandparents, you see that everything in their house is traditional. Even the hut they live in is traditional. You can’t live this kind of environment. You become depress because of environmental shock. You are living a life that is completely opposite with your prior life. You are not able to cope up. You need to escape before things get worst. Collect clues to escape from Traditional Hut. This is a game from Avm Games that you will truly enjoy.Good luck and have fun!

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