Through Time Escape 2 2001

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  • Through Time Escape 2 2001


    Play Through Time Escape 2 2001 room escape game by Get Lost Games and feel the nostalgic effect. You are married with 3 kids. You feel stress because of the relentless responsibility you have as a mother. As you are in your room, you accidentally see you picture album back when you are still a teenager. Your tears flow as you are looking at the picture. You miss all those memories you have as a teenager. As you tear drops in the picture, you are suddenly transported in the time you are still a teenager. You feel to experience it again and remember that you have kids to take care off. There’s no one who will take care to them when you are away. You need to go back. Collect clues to escape. Good luck and have fun!

    Uploaded on: 30 Jul , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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