The Cursed Treasure

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The Cursed Treasure

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The Cursed Treasure


Play this brand new room escape game from Top 10 New Games and escape from The Cursed Treasure. You have read in the history book the story about the cursed treasure. You have read that it is a treasure from the people who invade your country. They hide it in your place to avoid from getting steal from the other countries who are interested from it. It is a treasure that many countries wanted because if you have that treasure, your country will instantly get rich. But eventually, other countries discovered that it is hidden in your country. Due to this, it causes war between these countries that result a lot of death. That’s why one fairy decided to cursed the treasure to cease the war. The treasure will not be able to be touch by anyone unless he or she has a pure heart. You decided to go to the place to try to touch the treasure. As you are there, you immediately see the treasure and touch it. As you touch it, all the opening of the place is block. And the place turns into darkness. You are not able to read one page of the history book which is reaped. That’s say that whoever touches the book with the interest of getting rich, will be punish. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from The Cursed Treasure. Best of luck!

Uploaded on: 26 Aug , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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