Stephen Hawking House

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  • Stephen Hawking House


    Stephen Hawking House Escape is the newest room escape game by Games 4 Escape. You are invited by your friend to go to the house of Stephen. Your friend said that there will be an opening party for his restaurant. There will be a free food and raffle prizes will be given. You are hype up by the word free food. You immediately dress up and go to the house of Stephen. As you are there, you didn’t expect that there will be just few people. And the strange thing is they are not eating at all. They are chatting to each other. But you are hungry to care to what they are doing and eat up. After you eat, you feel dizzy and realize that your food has drug on it. You need to escape before you knock out. Collect clues to escape from Stephen Hawking House. This is a game from Games 4 Escape that you will surely enjoy. Good luck!

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