Rescue Egypt Pharaohs

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Rescue Egypt Pharaohs

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Rescue Egypt Pharaohs


 Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Mirchigames and Rescue Egypt Pharaohs.

You have seen the documentary movie about the Egypt Pharaoh. There are certain rituals and ceremony that the people of Egypt they need to do in order to maintain the peaceful sleep of the Pharaohs. But you also know that there is a certain person in which people cannot pronounce and say his name because of fear. This person who should not be named is a powerful person who’s once a Pharaoh . He insist not to die and sleep forever and be mummified by performing the dark spell on the day of his death. Now, he try to wake the dead Pharaoh and rule the world with darkness. You decide to stop this horrible thing to happen. You immediately go to the place where Egypt Pharaohs are kept. But, you are foolish enough to think you can stop the person who should not be name. He is powerful while you are just an ordinary person not gifted with magic. You have realize this things when you see the person who should not be name in front of you. You suddenly feel the cold sweat streaming in your back. You are now standing in front of him. The best you can do is to Rescue Egypt Pharaohs with all your might. Collect clues to Rescue Egypt Pharaohs .This is a game from Mirchigames that you will truly enjoy., Good luck and have fun!

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