Red Buttons Escape

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Red Buttons Escape

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Red Buttons Escape


Red Buttons Escape is the latest escape game developed by Ajaz games in which you have been suspect for a murder crime in the neighborhood. One morning, while you were getting a newspaper in front of the house, a crime happened. Your neighbor killed a woman, took away her money and ran away. You on the other hand was startled by what happened that you were unable to move a muscle. A few moments later, somebody passed by and saw that you were the only one around nearest to the dead body. He immediately told the police and now you are held as a suspect. You know you are innocent so you broke into the real murderer’s house to look for evidence. When you found what you were looking for, your exit was already closed. You have to get out of there! Use your skills to escape! Look for necessary objects, clues, and hints. Use them to solve the puzzles by interacting with them simultaneously using point ‘n click to figure a way out and escape the house. Good luck!

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