Princess Turned Serpent Escape

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Princess Turned Serpent Escape

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Princess Turned Serpent Escape


The king and queen of a powerful kingdom once had a daughter, their only daughter. She was your friend. 2 years ago she disappeared from the kingdom and vanished into thin air. No one could explain where she had gone and no one has ever seen her from then on. While walking into the forest, you saw a cave. You felt that there was something in that cave so you went to take a look. To your surprise, a serpent was locked inside and there were guards guarding it. The serpent had a diamond necklace around it and you recognized that it was the princess’s. An old witch has turned her into a serpent. Only will she turn back to its human form if someone could get her out of the cave. Help her! Solve the puzzles to get her out of there! Good luck!

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