Piggy Land

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Piggy Land

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Piggy Land


Piggy Land Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Fastrack Games. 
New year is coming and it is a tradition that you prepare a letchon every new year. It is a belief that letchon symbolizes abundance and you will be lucky and receive a lot of blessing the whole year if you have a letchon in your dish. The problem is pigs are sold out. There are just a lot of people who bought pigs earlier than you. You can’t celebrate new year without letchon, so you decided to search for a pig. You roam around to see if there is a pig. As you are roaming, you luckily see a Piggy Land. There are a lot of pigs inside. You go inside and search for the owner of the land, but you can see no one inside the land. It looks like no one takes care of this pigs. But the pigs really looks good and healthy. Because of not able to see the owner of the pigs, you decided to take one of the pigs without asking permission. Then, a loud sound burst out in front of you. You are shock to see the god Mnemosyne. She said that you can’t take the pigs. This pigs are owned by her. You try to trick god Mnemosyne but you fail to. You forget that she never forget any detail because she is the god of memory. You need to find ways to escape. Collect clues to escape from Piggy Land. This game is from Fastrack Games that you will surely enjoy.Good luck and have fun!

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