Penguin Escape

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Penguin Escape

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Penguin Escape


Penguin Escape (Angel Escape) is a brand new outdoor escape game by Angel Escape.
You love penguins because you find them cute. You saw it in the TV at there will be a showcase of talents of the Penguins in a certain resort. You immediately go to the location of the resort. As you are there, you are irritate to see that there are a lot of people who came earlier than you. You are force to sit on a seat that is far from the penguins. As the penguins dance, people happily giggle and take pictures. But you find a little strange on the Penguins. You love penguins and you know them will even if they are far from your view. The penguins dancing in front of a lot of people are not real penguins. Then, after a minute the penguins carries big guns and treating people to give their valuable things. They are a group of thief trying to disguise as a penguins. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape. Penguin Escape is a game from Angel Escape that you will surely enjoy.Best of luck!

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