Painter House

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Painter House

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Painter House


Your a desperate model. You go in an audition every time you find an ads looking for a model. You really like to be famous and well known model in your country. While checking your mobile phone there was a unknown number who is inviting you to come and visit their office and be a famous model. Your very happy and don’t know what to do. Your confuse whether to accept their offer or not. But this is your dream you can’t miss an opportunity like this. So, alone you went to the address given by the sender. You reach the place and get inside. You observe that there were many nude painting hanging in the wall. You are in the house of a nude painter. He wants you to be his nude subject. He lead you to a room and lock you. He said that you should be ready in an hour. You need to escape immediately this is not part of your dreams anymore. Find ways to get out now!

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