Old Villa Escape

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Old Villa Escape

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Old Villa Escape


Old Villa Escape (365 Escape) is the newest room escape game from 365 Escape that will test your logic and escape skills.
You have witness a tragic story. Your friend is in love with the person he should not love in romantic way. Your friend has been separated with his sister since birth. And destiny bind them again. But they fall in love with each other without knowing that they are siblings. As soon as they know that they are siblings, they are shock and their minds are very confused. They don’t know what to do. Your friend calls you to go to the Old Villa, since they are temporarily staying there. He wants your help in solving this mess. As you are there, you see how stress they are. They need to separate since in is immoral to stay together, but the problem is the girl is a month pregnant. As you are trying to think what is best for the situation, the light in the house suddenly flick and turn off. Then thunderstorm and lightning appears in a gloomy sky. The doors and windows of the house suddenly close and lock. You are doomed inside. It looks like heaven is punishing your friend to this horrible event. You need to escape from Old Villa Escape. Best of luck!

Uploaded on: 06 Oct , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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