Old Mesmerizing House Escape Game

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Old Mesmerizing House Escape Game

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Old Mesmerizing House Escape Game


Old Mesmerizing House Escape is point and click game released by AVM Games. You grow in a beautiful house owned by your grandparents. The whole family move out in that house when you all started schooling because it is far from School. The house was abandoned and never maintained. There is lot of good memories in the House. You really want to return their and reminisce old memory. You travel and visit the Old mesmerizing House. You can’t find the House because your backyard is filled with trees and weeds. You finally locate it and it’s very old already. You went inside and site on the old Sofa. You want to get out seeing the garden when the door is stuck and you can’t open. Hurry! Escape the Old Mesmerizing House by gathering hints. Have fun!

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