Nightingale Escape

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Nightingale Escape

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Nightingale Escape


Play Nightingale Escape outdoor escape game by 8b Games. You are born mortal. Your mother wants you to be immortal like her. She decided to dip you in the Slyx River. She dips all your body except the heel where he holds you. And because this is the only part of your body not dip in the river. This is the only part which is mortal. One day, you are in the quest of getting the Nightingale bird to be set as a gift for the king in Ceridian. But getting the bird is a hard task. . This bird has poisonous dung. Once you touch its dung, you will turn into ashes. As you are there, the bird always releases its dung because this is the season where this kind of bird always eats. This is a very bad timing for you. The dung touches your heel, and then it turns into ash. You are afraid that the other heel will touch the dung and if that happened you are not able to walk anymore. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape. Good Luck!

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