Mysterious City Escape

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Mysterious City Escape

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Mysterious City Escape


Mysterious City Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from 365 Escape. Use your logic to complete this puzzle.
You came from a rural place. You wanted to experience new things and new life in order to create a a new self. So, you decided to go to the mysterious city to have a fresh start for a new life. As you are there, you stay in a shabby apartment since you don’t have enough money to be in an expensive hotel. A few days of staying in the city, you are overwhelmed with the new environment. This is very different from the life and environment you have before. Because of the sudden change of your life, you are not able to cope up with the change and end up depress. You are quite disappointed about yourself since you wanted to create a life better than before but you end up worst. You decided to escape from this Mysterious City. Collect clues to escape from Mysterious City. Good luck!

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