Medieval Thanksgiving Escape

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Medieval Thanksgiving Escape

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Medieval Thanksgiving Escape


Medieval Thanksgiving Escape is another exciting outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

You are living in the modern world. Even if you are now in the generation where everything is manipulated by technology that makes the life of the people easier than before, you still wanted to experience and know the life of the people in the medieval period. There are just few people in your generation who are interested in this kind of stuff. Mostly all teens of your age are interested in Kpop , drama, and anime,so you decided to explore this topic on your own. You decided to visit medieval place that were preserved to have an authentic information about medieval time. You luckily see that Medieval Thanksgiving is open for public view. You immediately go to the place. As you are there, you discover that this place is a place where people do their Thanksgiving every time it rain. The people before were thankful for the rain since rain symbolizes abundance and blessing for them. During the Thanksgiving they offered different dances. You are amaze by the things that you discover and suddenly shock to see the reason why Medieval Thanksgiving came to a halt. There were dementors that raided the place. It wa a perfect place for dementors since there were a lot of happy people during the thanksgiving. And dementors suck out the happy thoughts people have and left only with terrible memories. After a few minutes, the place shake. You are horrified. You don’t know what’s happening. Then, the person in charge warn all the people to get out immediately. You didn’t get out since you want to know what’s happening. When everybody immediately gets out, you stay still in the corner observing what’s wrong. Then, you see dementors running through out the place. It is indeed true that there are dementors in the place. You need to escape before the dementors catch you. Collect clues to escape from Medieval Thanksgiving . This game is from WoW Escape that you will truly enjoy. Best of luck!

Uploaded on: 12 Dec , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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