Litore House Escape

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Litore House Escape

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Litore House Escape


Play Litore House Escape new outdoor escape game by Zooo Games. School is over. It means you’re now going to enjoy summer vacation. You decided to go to a beach. This beach offers houses that can be rented when you spend your night there. You decided to rent a house. You’re planning to spend a week there. As you are there, you enjoy the breeze of the sea and the white sand. The scorching heat of the sun adds up to the feeling of summer. You really enjoy every minute you spend there. You are able to forget all those stressful days doing school works during class days. The place provides the relaxation that you what. But the place is not ordinary; it is a place full of magic. As you enter to the Litore house, the house that you rented. You are shocked when someone laughs hardly. You look everywhere to cheek if someone’s inside your apartment but there’s no one there. You started to freak out. Then someone talks again saying hi. You started to freak out again. You thought there’s a ghost in the house you rented. Suddenly, there’s a big mouth shows on the wall of the house. The house is talking. It is alive. The Litore house is a magical talking house. Litore house wanted a companion inside the house so he locks you up. Try your best to escape. Collect clues to escape from Litore house.

Uploaded on: 23 May , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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