Kill the Ghost

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Kill the Ghost

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Kill the Ghost


Kill the Ghost is another point and click escape game developed by WoW Escape. In this game, you are an explorer! It was a sunny day! While canyoneering in the canyons with your friends, an unexpected heavy rain poured causing you to get separated from the group. A day has already passed and you still haven’t found them so you decided to go back home. While on your way back, you accidentally lost your map. Now this is a serious problem! You have lost your way and now you are trapped in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, you are not just in the middle of nowhere. You are currently in a ghost place. They must be the reason why your map got lost. For sure, they won’t allow you to go back home. The only way to escape is to kill all the ghost in the area. But how do you kill a ghost? Well, that’s for you to find out! Use your skills! Look for useful objects, clues, and hints scattered all over the place. Use them to solve the puzzles by interacting with them simultaneously using point and click.

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