Kaitlyn and The Diving Helmet Game

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Kaitlyn and The Diving Helmet Game

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Kaitlyn and The Diving Helmet Game


Kaitlyn and The Diving Helmet is brand new escape game developed by Carmel Games for Mouse City. Kaitlyn love to swim in the Sea. She likes to go for an adventure. She sometimes jumps off the cliff and dive. She doesn’t fill afraid at all. Kaitlyn’s parents are afraid every time she dives in the cliff. They bought a Diving Helmet to protect her from any accident. Kaitlyn tried the Helmet. She gains more confidence to jump in a higher cliff since she has the Diving Helmet. She jump but the Diving Helmet has unexplainable power that sip all the water below the cliff. If Kaitlyn reach the bottom part of the cliff she will die because the water is gone. Hurry! Let’s help Kaitlyn remove the Diving Helmet so that the water will return. Have Fun!

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