Jolly Girl House Escape Game

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Jolly Girl House Escape Game

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Jolly Girl House Escape Game


Jolly Girl House Escape Game is a new escape game created by Game 2 Jolly. Jolly is a daughter of the richest Duke in your town. She lives in a very big house with no friends. You’re able to play with her since you are seven years old when your father started working as a cook in the house. But five years later your father decided to stop working and build his own restaurant. Your childhood friend Jolly was so sad with this because she don’t have any friend aside from you. Many years later and you reach adulthood you heard a bad new about Jolly. She was curse to sleep when she reach adulthood. And only true love kiss can wake her up. Many tried to kiss her and nobody ever successful. Her parents were disappointed so they make the big house as the grave of Jolly. When heard about this you started your journey to the Jolly’s house. Collect clues on how to wake her up and help her escape from the curse. Enjoy!

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