Hidden Snow Forest

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 Hidden Snow Forest

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 Hidden Snow Forest


 Hidden Snow Forest is a brand new outdoor escape game from Hidden O Games. Play this exciting point n’ click escape game and try to escape as fast as you can.
It is already winter season but unfortunately there’s no snow falling. The sun is shining brightly at the sky. It looks like it’s still summer. You are sad of this extraordinary event. This doesn’t happen last year. Because of disappointed for not having the snow, you decided to go for a walk. As you are walking, you see a bits of snow at the ground. You follow the bits of snow. As you are following, you are lead to a forest where it is heavily snowing. The only place where you can see snow is the hidden snow forest. You go inside the forest. As you are inside, you meet a white fairy. She is very angry that you enter the forest. It is because once you enter the forest you will forever be hidden to the real world. Just like the snow. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from Hidden Snow Forest. This is a game from Hidden O Games that you will surely enjoy.Good luck and have fun!

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