Haunted Secondary School

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  • Haunted Secondary School


    Play this newest room escape game from Free Room Escape and use your logic to escape from Haunted Secondary School. You have successfully completed primary school. After your graduation, you immediately enroll in one of the Secondary School in your place. You can’t afford to enroll in a private school so you just enroll in the school near your place that offers low tuition. You have heard the stories about the school but you just ignore it since you don’t have any choice. This the only school you can afford. You are sacred of ghost but you are much afraid not to be able to study. As the first day of school starts, you don’t see anything that is scary. The school looks normal. Then, after a week, you are assign to clean in one of the comfort room. The comfort room is too big to be clean by one person. You take you long to clean the comfort room, and you didn’t notice that it is already evening. You need to go home now. But the lights suddenly turn off you can’t see anything. After a second, the lights come back. You hurriedly reach the knob of the door to escape, but it is lock. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from Haunted Secondary School. A game from Free Room Escape that you will surely enjoy. Collect clues to escape.Best of luck!

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