Halloween Temple land Escape

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  • Halloween Temple land Escape


    Halloween Temple land Escape is another outdoor escape game from Big Escape Games that will test your logic and escape skills. You are shock when no one in your place remember that it is a Halloween. No one celebrates Halloween. As you look in the calendar, it is not also marked as a holiday for Halloween. You are confused of what happen. You are the only person who remember that November 1 is Halloween. You try to roam around your place to see if they celebrating but they aren’t. Then, as you walk, you see a Halloween Temple land. You decided to go inside since you want to celebrate Halloween. As you are inside, you are disappointed to see that it is not a Halloween celebration but a weeding party which the motif is Halloween. You decided to go out but once you are inside you need to continue to witness the wedding party until it ends, because they have beliefs that it is unlucky to leave in a party. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from Halloween Temple Land. Good luck and have fun!

  • Instructions: