Gold Fish Escape

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Gold Fish Escape

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Gold Fish Escape


Gold Fish Escape is the latest escape game developed by Ajaz Games. In this game you are a fish enthusiast and everybody in your family knows about that. It’s just one week before your birthday. Because of that, your parents gave you a gold fish as their advance birthday present to you. You were so happy with what you received that you took extra good care for your new pet. But this time, a sneaky cat has attempted to eat your fish. Luckily, you were able to prevent it before the cat could snatch the fish. The fish fell on the floor so you hurriedly tried to put it back in its bowl. Unfortunately, there was no more water in the bowl so you went to the kitchen and found out that the water system in the house has been turned off. You have to turn it back on or else your fish will die! The problem is you don’t know where the switch is. Look for necessary objects, clues, and hints. Use them to solve the puzzles by interacting with them simultaneously using point ‘n click to find the switch and escape the fish from its death. Good luck!

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