Forest House Dragon Escape

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Forest House Dragon Escape

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Forest House Dragon Escape


The key to your successful escape is your logic so you have to use it. Forest House Dragon Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Sivi Games.
Since you are a child, you didn’t fear any monstrous and ugly creature that usually kids and even adult are afraid of. You find them cute and adorable. That’s why people see as a strange kid. You are a person that see things differently as how people normally see. As you grow up, you decided to build a zoo where all kinds of monstrous , ugly, and dangerous creature are being pet. The government didn’t approve this since this will be a great danger for the people. Because of your burning enthusiasm in raising this kind of animal, you hide it from the public. Then, one day, you have receive an egg of a dragon from a friend of yours. The eggs grow up into a dragon and you can’t hide it in your zoo because of its big size. You decided to take the dragon into the forest where people doesn’t usually go. The dragon freely live there for a week. But then,one person so it and panic. The person who brings gun shoot the dragon. Because of this, the dragon throws fire as a self defense. You try to calm the dragon and it finally calm down. But the fire spread out through out the forest. The forest is now on fire. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from Forest House Dragon. This is a game from Sivi Games that you will trully enjoy. Best of luck!

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