Forest Golden Egg Escape

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Forest Golden Egg Escape

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Forest Golden Egg Escape


Play Forest Golden Egg Escape room escape game by Sivi Games.
It is stated in the news that eggs give a poisonous smell in your place even if you didn’t crack in to open. The smell of the eggs causes the disease in your place that is rapidly dominating your place. The government decided to collect all eggs in your country to be buried underground citizens are also obliged to do it to complete the task faster. But there is a golden egg in a forest that a man is secretly protecting. He doesn’t want to buried this golden egg underground since he believes that this possesses powers that he can get sooner in time. But it is clearly stated that all kind of eggs have poisonous smell that give disease. You decided to go to the forest to find the golden egg. As you are there, you are confused why you get lost. There’s no way to get lost to a forest that is so small and also a forest that you’ve been many times. Then, you heard a voice saying to get out of the forest and don’t bother to find the golden eggs. But you didn’t heed the advice of the voice and continue to get lost. As the time past, you see a golden smoke. As the animals smell it they suddenly get weak. This must be the smell coming from the golden egg. You need to escape before smelling it. Collect clues to escape from Golden Egg. Good Luck !

Uploaded on: 11 Nov , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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