Fantasy Village Boy Rescue

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Fantasy Village Boy Rescue

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Fantasy Village Boy Rescue


Fantasy Village Boy Rescue is the newest outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule. You decide to live in a new village for a new life. You wanted to escape from the horror you experience in your previous town. As you are in your new village, you are amaze of how clean and beautiful the village is. As you roam around the city you wonder why there is only one person in it. You only see one boy. You approach the boy to ask where are the other people living the village. You are shock to see the face of the boy when it turns its head. The face is faceless. He explains that all the people in the village vanish. The village that once lively becomes so silent. The people that will reside in the village is destine to vanish and time will come that the boy will also vanish just like the other villagers. You need to escape if you don’t want to vanish too. Collect clues to escape from Fantasy Village and Rescue the Boy from vanishing. The Best of luck!

Uploaded on: 19 Jun , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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