Fantasy Retro Room Escape 2

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  • Fantasy Retro Room Escape 2


    You turn 18 years old this year and decided to live in your own. Your parents help you find a room to live but you choose the cheapest one so that you could easily finance yourself. The room was quite strange but you feel so comfortable. You fix all your things and arrange the furniture. Its your first night sleeping in the room. You sleep directly with out hassle. But something strange in your dream. The room turn into an old castle. You became Rapunzel who is a young princess imprison n the top of the tower of the castle. This is very strange but you need to escape from her or else you will be trap from this world of fantasy. You can't be a princess in the past. Hurry! Lets go back to the future. Find useful things that can help you escape. There are many things in the surroundings.

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