Fantasy For Princess Escape

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Fantasy For Princess Escape

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Fantasy For Princess Escape


Play Fantasy For Princess Escape outdoor escape game by Sivi Games.
The princess was once your friend. You just stop communicating after she become the princess. The palace forbid you from visiting since you are just an ordinary person who’s doesn’t comes from a well of family. Then, you have receive a message from the princess saying that you should visit her on the day of Christmas . She also tells you to make your way to the palace in the secret way. You follow what she said. As you are on your way, you cannot believe what you are seeing. The secret way is like a fantasy land. You are amaze of what you see. Then,you see the princess. You are very to see her for a very long time not seeing her. Because of happiness you hug her. The princess become angry for hugging her. You don’t know why. It looks like the princess doesn’t want to be hug by a poor girl. She have change. But, you are wrong. She doesn’t want to be hug because once you hug her the Fantasy For Princess will disappear. And you will forever disappear with the Fantasy that you see now because you are inside the Fantasy. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from Fantasy for Princess. Fantasy for Princess is a game from Sivi Games that you will surely enjoy. Good Luck!

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