Fantasy City Princess Escape

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Fantasy City Princess Escape

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Fantasy City Princess Escape


Fantasy City Princess Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by 5n Games. You are invited by your online friend to go to her city. You have been friend for 2 years but you haven’t seen each other personally. AS you are in the city, you are amaze by many things. First are the new technologies you’ve seen. Second is the people. They are so well mannered and friendly. This is like a utopian place. A perfect place to live. Then, in your way to the house of your friend, you discover that your friend is a princess. This city is ruled by a queen and a king. It is a new thing for you since there’s no city that is separately ruled by a queen and a king. Then, you see an old lady. She warns you to go home. She told you that this place is a fantasy. You are inside a cartoon. You need to escape before you become a cartoon character. Collect clues to escape from Fantasy City Princess. This is a game from 5n Games that you will surely enjoy.Good luck!

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