Escape Golden Budha

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Escape Golden Budha

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Escape Golden Budha


Your master is dying with s strange illness and the cure was the golden Buddha, you need to go and find the golden Buddha. However, he stated that it wasn’t the goal what mattered, but the journey. “I trust you to learn a lot on your way and to get closer to your inner peace.” he said. So you set off, with nothing more than a staff in your hand. You crossed rivers and mountains, spring and winter till you finally found the village you were sent to. A monk came out to greet you. It seemed he was waiting for you. He knew exactly that you were near. He invited you for a tea. You accepted. He told you everything about the golden Buddha. It’s near but you’re running out of time before your master die. You need to hurry p and find the clues to lead you to the golden Buddha.

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