Escape From Sleek Grayscale Apartment

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  • Escape From Sleek Grayscale Apartment


    Escape From Sleek Grayscale Apartment is a brand new room escape game from Escape 007 Games that you will surely enjoy. You are a newlywed with your rich husband. As most people believe, we tie the knot because we love the person your tying the knot with. These two people should be bind by the love for each other. But in your case, you married him because of money. You don’t have a choice since you have a debt to paid to his family. And in exchange of that debt is a marriage to their son. Even if against your will, you said ‘I do” during the wedding. Then, as the wedding ended, you two immediately move in your Sleek Grayscale Apartment. But, the longer you are with him, you have realized that agreeing to the contract you have with his parents is not good. You are not happy to be with him. It looks like you are paying your debt with the happiness you are supposed to experience. You decided to escape. Collect clues to escape from Sleek Grayscale Apartment.Good luck and have fun!

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