Escape from Pleasant Riverside

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Escape from Pleasant Riverside

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Escape from Pleasant Riverside


It was a sunny day. You are the only child of a wealthy businessman. Your birthday is fast approaching so your dad gave you an advance birthday gift, a speedboat. You have always wanted to have your own speedboat ever since you were a child. Now that you are 18, you are now allowed to drive your own boat. Of course, you were so happy to have this gift and immediately went to try it. To your excitement, you have exceeded the speed limit for boats. Now, cops are on their way to get you. You did not want to be taken away so easily, so you made them chase you. Unfortunately, you ran out of gas after several hours of roving around. Find a way to escape the cops! You must act fast! Look for clues and hints and solve the puzzles to escape the riverside! Good luck!

Uploaded on: 14 Jul , 2015 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0 Tags:
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