Escape From Mayara Springs

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Escape From Mayara Springs

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Escape From Mayara Springs


It’s been a tiring month. You decided to book in the very beautiful spring in Brazil, the Mayara Spring. You travel and went to Brazil to experience the relaxing spring. You check in into the place and went to your room. You decided to eat first before you deep yourself in the spring. The temperature of the spring water is control in the very big room. Before you enter you just specify the temperature you want to relax. The temperature of the water will be the same with the room temperature so even if you don’t deep down the water you can still fell the hotness inside. Your now inside alone in the relaxing room when and emergency alarm. There is a problem in the control room. Little by little the water is boiling in the spring and it feels like the temperature of the room is rising also. It’s very hot, so you went to the door but the door is lock. If this continues you’re going to the die due to the high temperature. You need to get out right now! Find ways to open the door, search anything that might help you.

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