Escape From Marvelous Makeup Room

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Escape From Marvelous Makeup Room

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Escape From Marvelous Makeup Room


You’re mission is to find all the missing airplanes in the Bermuda Triangle. You have to investigate on the mystery behind. This is a tough mission but you’re excited to reveal the truth. When you reach at the Bermuda Triangle a big wave carried you into a portal and you wake up in a strange place where everything is big. You’re in the islands of the Giants. You were capture and become a toy to their daughter. She dresses you with girl’s cloths and put some ribbons in your hair. She places you in the doll house and locks you in the Marvelous Make-up Room. If you don’t get hurry you will end up a gay! I know you don’t like to be a gay. Hurry find some clues how to get out from this insane room. Good luck!

Uploaded on: 02 Mar , 2016 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0 Tags:
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