Escape From Lumley Castle 2

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  •  Escape From Lumley Castle 2


     Escape From Lumley Castle 2 is the newest room escape game from Escape 007 Games. You are an ordinary person who live in an ordinary house with an ordinary parents. Everything is just ordinary. You also love this kind of life since it is less drama and more happiness. But your life is about to change when you here that you are long lost princess that the king and queen are looking. At first , you don't believe it since the information just comes from the filthy mouth of your neighbors. Then, you just believe it when the servant from the castle come to get you. You refuse but they force you. You are brought to the Lumney Castle where the king and queen lives. You feel so lonely inside the castle. You just want your old life. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape from Lumney Castle 2. This is a game from Escape 007 Games.Best of luck!

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