Escape From Lillesden Hawkhurst

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Escape From Lillesden Hawkhurst

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Escape From Lillesden Hawkhurst


Lillesden Hawkhurst is once a school for girls. But it was close for so many reasons. Now, it has been known for all the supernatural occurrences in the area. There were photos in the abandoned Lillesden Hawkhurst showing ghost. You are a journalist and you need to get actual footage of the Lillesden and all your crew doesn’t want to film with you. Your boss will remove you on your position if you can’t get the work done. So you went alone in the Lillesden. You went inside and your freaking out because its seems that someone is always watching at your back. You film the place until you are lost. You don’t know where the exit door. The night is getting darker and place became colder. You started to see some white images in your photos that freak you more. You need to get out in the place now.

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