Escape From Illusion

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Escape From Illusion

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Escape From Illusion


Play Escape From Illusion new outdoor escape game by Wow Escape. You are fun of dreaming. You always think things that you wanted. Things that is impossible to happen. Even if you know that dreaming is useless and those illusions are going to vanish in reality, you still do it because it gives you a short happiness. One day, while you are in the state of dreaming, you are shock when you feel like you are really in your dream. It feels like your illusions come true. You pinch yourself to know if you’re not dreaming. It really hurts. It means this is not a dream anymore. Then, a fairy appears telling you that your illusions come true. You are really happy. You’re leaving the life you dream. Before this is just an illusion that is impossible to happen. But there is an exchange of everything. The fairy tells you that you need to choose between living the life you dream or living in reality with your parents. The fairy gives you 5 minutes to think but you are not able to choose after 5 minutes. She thinks that your undecided answer means choosing to live in the illusion. Collect clues to escape. Good Luck!

Uploaded on: 30 May , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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