Escape From Ghost House 3

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  • Escape From Ghost House 3


    Play Escape From Ghost House 3 room escape game by Top 10 New Games. You are fond of watching and reading scary horror movies. Because you wanted to feel the chill and suspense that you get from watching and reading those kinds of stories. Then, one morning you hear in the news that there will be a horror house in which a contest will be held. They needed 10 participants to roam around the house to kill all the monsters and ghost inside. The one who will be able to go out within the specified time will be considered as the winner. Upon hearing this, you immediately go to the venue and registered. After the registration the contest immediately starts. As you are inside the Ghost House 3 you feel a little strange about the ghost characters since they look so real. As you see one of the participant being eaten by one of the ghost, you are convinced that this is not an ordinary contest. This is a real Ghost House with a real Ghost. You decided to escape before you are eaten by these ghosts. Collect clues to escape from Ghost House 3. Good Luck !

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