Escape From Amsterdam Zaandam Inntel Game

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  • Escape From Amsterdam Zaandam Inntel Game


    This is a new exciting Escape Games brought to us by Eight Games. You’re on a trip in Amsterdam to meet all the client of your business. This is an important meeting since they will sign for a year contract with your company as marketing provider. It’s a big account. You went inside the Amsterdam Zaandam Inntel. The hotel is in an eclectic canal side structure made of 70 stacked houses. It’s very big and confusing. The meeting will start about 15 minutes after you arrive and you can find the right conference room. If you miss this meeting then it’s a big opportunity lost of your company. Search for clues and hints to locate the right Conference Room where your client waiting. Solve this hard and fantastic Amsterdam Zaandam Inntel Escape Game. Enjoy!

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