Escape From Aman Resorts

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Escape From Aman Resorts

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Escape From Aman Resorts


Escape from Aman Resorts Game is a new point and click game developed by Eight Games. You are very hard working and seldom avail your vacation leave in the Company. Your boss is very happy in your performance and didn’t encourage you to avail your vacation leave and offer you to exchange it with money instead. You feel like very tired and want to rest. You text your boss that you will be away for one week and want to avail your vacation leave. You hurriedly pack your bag and fly to Aman Resort. You book in the very expensive Luxury Bungalow. You enjoy the vacation. When you’re about to check out and paid the bills you can’t find your wallet. Hurry! Escape from Aman Resort now by gathering clues. Enjoy!

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