Escape From Abandoned S Bahn Station

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Escape From Abandoned S Bahn Station

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Escape From Abandoned S Bahn Station


Why are mad scientist called mad scientist? Are they mad? Yes Indeed! You discover a time machine left by you uncle who was a mad scientist in the underground of your house. With your curiosity you try the machine and travel in the future but not the same location. Welcome to year 2200! You’re now in the S Bahn Station, Berlin and the place is abandoned already for some special reason. The place is dark and creepy. You check the time machine to go back in the present but it’s broken. You’re now trap here and don’t know where to go. You’re already afraid inside how much more outside. It’s not the same from the time you came from. There would be drastic change in the world right now. The only way to went home is to fix the time machine. Find anything in the place that would help you fix it. Good luck!

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