Escape From Abandoned Belchertown State School Game

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Escape From Abandoned Belchertown State School Game

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Escape From Abandoned Belchertown State School Game


The abandoned Belchertown State School near your school caught your curiosity. You wonder what is inside the School. All you know is that in the past it houses different disabled and special children who are brutally treated. It has been close when finding this anomaly but it’s too late many children died from this injustices. You went inside the abandoned School and sneak around the creepy place. The school is so big and you were not able to take note which is the way out. You’re now in the midst of nowhere and its already sunset. The School gets darker and colder. You’re started hearing the voices of children begging for help. It’s getting creepy. You need to go out now. Find the right exit by using all the clues inside. Hurry up!

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