Elves Christmas Escape

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  •  Elves Christmas Escape


    Play Elves Christmas Escape outdoor escape game from WoW Escape and complete this point n' click escape game as fast as you can. Every Christmas it is your tradition to go to the mountain and celebrate the Christmas eve. You get ready and prepare all the things you needed before you go to the mountain. Then, as you are ready, you starts walking toward the mountain. As you reach the mountain, you decided to put in order the things that you bring. After preparing, you decided to take a rest and wait for the Christmas eve. As you are relaxing, you see a dark light. You follow the light and discover that the elves are being taken by the dark witch. Christmas eve will not come if the elves will not able to escape from the dark witch who doesn't want Christmas. You need to help the Elves from escaping. Collect clues to help Elves Christmas Escape. Elves Christmas Escape is a game from WoW Escape that you will surely enjoy. Best of luck!

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