Egg House Smiley Escape Game

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Egg House Smiley Escape Game

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Egg House Smiley Escape Game


Egg House Smiley Escape is brand new escape game from Games 2 Jolly. You are very fond with chicken and decided to build poultry. You started with two hens. You bought feeds that are for laying eggs. You feed the two hens as much as you can. You thought they can eat it as much as they can. But you maximize their ability to lay eggs. One morning, you are shock to found out hundred eggs inside the house. The two hens are still laying more. You can’t find ways how to arrange all the eggs inside the house and not to break them. If the two hens continue to lay egg the house will be filled with eggs in any minute. Hurry! Collect clues how to escape the Egg House Smiley. Gather hints around. Enjoy!

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