Dove Escape From Cage

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Dove Escape From Cage

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Dove Escape From Cage


You are a pet enthusiast. You have several types of pets and one of these are your dove birds. Everyday, you set the two birds free for them to enjoy nature and the company of other dove birds. You do not worry about this because they are two clever birds. Every night they would always come back in their cage until one night. You noticed before sleeping that the two birds are not yet back. You just gave yourself a reason that maybe they have just gone somewhere and will come back in the morning. Unfortunately, when you woke up in the morning, the two birds are still not back. This time you began to worry and started the search for the missing birds. You found them locked up inside a cage in your neighbor’s yard. You’re pretty sure that those are your birds. You have to escape them from there! Look for necessary objects, clues, and hints scattered all over the place. Use them to solve the puzzles by interacting with them simultaneously using point ‘n click to find the key to the cage and escape the birds. Best of luck!

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