Decrepit Zombie Garage Escape

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Decrepit Zombie Garage Escape

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Decrepit Zombie Garage Escape


Decrepit Zombie Garage Escape is an escape game in which you are an introvert movie fanatic. You have always loved to watch zombie movies. Little did you know, everything you have seen in the movies has already turned into a reality. A contagious virus has spread so rapidly in the city. Every single one who acquires the virus immediately turns into a zombie. Unaware of this case, you did not know that your whole family is already contaminated. Surprisingly, that they all turned into zombies. You quickly ran into your room and locked your room. There is nowhere else you could go. The best thing for you to do now is stay in your room and stock enough food. Now, find a way to get pass your zombie family and gather as much food as you can in the kitchen and escape from all of them! All the best and good luck!

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